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For individual investors, financial advisors and institutions alike, Rubicon Crypto bridges the gap between the digital and traditional investment worlds.  We offer familiar, common-sense investment solutions that bring asset allocation and disciplined professional management to the emerging digital and cryptocurrency space. 

At Rubicon Crypto we are crossing the digital divide every day with rational exuberance. Join us...

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As a fiduciary, you always want to do what is best for your client. Isn't it time to learn more about where cryptocurrency fits in to your client's portfolio?

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Learn more about how Rubicon Crypto can help you access the exciting new world of cryptocurrency and blockchain investing with solutions that you are already familiar and comfortable with.

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The present interest rate compels corporate treasurers and institutional managers to take a fresh look at investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Do You Speak Crypto?  

Stocks. Bonds. Asset Allocation. It seems that most financial firms can give you the ABC's of building a basic portfolio. There have always been new and cutting edge investment ideas but perhaps none more exciting than the emerging universe of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital assets. If you don't speak crypto, then we can help you understand both the vast potential and the risks of these digital investments and how they may fit into your overall investment portfolio.

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Watch our Co-Founder, Greg Johnson, featured on the Bretton Woods Committee briefing concerning the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

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In the early days, people bought goods and services by bartering...

From our earliest days, humans have constantly evolved their definition and uses for money. Primitive bartering for goods and services gave way to the exchange of precious metals, coins, and other valuables. The introduction of paper money, centuries ago, has slowly given way to a new generation of payment and banking options powered by computers and mobile devices. Money has always changed shapes and sizes. Today the evolution has shifted from the physical world to the digital realm. Rubicon Crypto is a leader in the new movement in cryptocurrency and blockchain investing.

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