About Rational Exuberance

At Rubicon Crypto, we talk a lot about having rational exuberance when it comes to both our own philosophy and how we encourage others to approach this new and exciting blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital asset industry. Perhaps it's about time then that we share the backstory to how that phrase became such a big part of our culture at Rubicon. First off, let's take a moment and give credit where credit is due by going all the way back to 1996 and (re)acquainting you with then Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan. Greenspan's tenure coincided with the emergence of both the dedicated financial news media industry as we have come to know it, the 24/7 news cycle and a then unprecedented bull market. In December of that year, he was speaking to an assembly of prominent economists and financial leaders and was quoted for the first time as saying that the market seemed to have an "irrational exuberance" with respect to both its bullish performance and investor behavior being exhibited. The phrase immediately became the defining sound-byte of his long run as Fed Chairman and obviously resonated with some of us here.

Exuberance: Irrational v. Rational

Simply put, we at Rubicon Crypto believe that we are in the midst of an extended period of irrational exuberance within the cryptocurrency and digital asset space. One that's focused too much on the hype, too much on the glitz, too much on the fear of missing out, too much on the short-term and far, far too much on the seemingly endless parade of dubious "influencers" and talking heads. Our philosophy, and the approach that we encourage, is that you should have excitement about this new generation of incredible technologists that are reimagining the world in a digital way. You should have excitement about all the use cases that are rethinking legacy businesses and disrupting them from top to bottom. You should have excitement about new ways to think about currency and finance that are being defined by this industry. In other familiar words…rational exuberance.

At Rubicon Crypto, we believe that when you combine a strong foundation of rational exuberance with professional management, asset allocation, and a common sense understanding of your personal risk tolerance and time horizon, you have the ideal success formula for investors to participate in this exciting new industry.