Digital Divide Defined

At Rubicon Crypto, we talk a lot about the digital divide and we think that is for good reason. It is not a new phenomenon, this digital divide. In fact, we have seen it throughout human history whenever there's been major industrial or technological innovation. There has always been a gap between on the one side, those early "in the know" investors, the inventors, the technically proficient individuals among us, and, on the other side…us mortal, everyday people who are the consumers or later stage investors. There has always been such a divide. But in the new and emerging cryptocurrency, digital asset and blockchain world, we see that divide as never having been so massive. And, because of the inherent complexities of the technologies and the exponential pace of innovation within this space, we also see the digital divide between everyday investors (and frankly financial advisors too) and those who comprise this new generation of digital natives and the technologically fluent among us as never being more intimidating, confusing and dangerous to cross.

At Rubicon Crypto, we want to bridge that gap. By creating and developing a suite of investment portfolio solutions that are more comfortable, more familiar and more accessible, we have built a bridge to allow more people to cross the digital divide so that they can participate in this exciting new industry.