The Advisor Crypto Dilemma, Vol. 2. The RIA Time Paradox

You don't have the time to do this right...and if you do.... you are not doing right by your clients

Blame it on cognitive impairment or my selective ADD, but there is very little that I can recall from the high school geometry classroom with one notable exception: "constants". The notion that there are certain geometric aspects and elements that are fixed, absolute and never to change has always resonated with me. When it comes to crypto and RIAs allow me offer another "constant": an RIA with a practice do not have the time to do crypto right, and, if you do, then you are not doing right by your clients. Time is arguably the most precious commodity for an advisor that is either building or managing a book of business (or both for that matter), and not surprisingly, the most successful advisors and RIA platforms have long understood the importance of where and how to invest their time.

Mastery: Of G. Leonard, M. Gladwell and You

The quest for mastery has been highly popularized over the past decade: Malcolm Gladwell of Tipping Point fame, in his wildly successful book Outliers, made the compelling observation that the road to mastery is paved by 10,000 hours of dedication. Several decades earlier, George Leonard's seminal book Mastery, observed that the path to mastery is often blocked by dabbling. Many advisors may have been guilty of such dabbling, finding it hard enough over the course of their careers to dedicate the time required to proactively add new products or integrate new subject matter expertise into their practice. The arrival and emergence of crypto has taken these universal time constraint challenges of adding new solutions and elevated them exponentially. Yet, while criticism of advisor product stagnancy might be warranted in the case of traditional financial product evolution that has always moved at a glacial pace, it would not be fair to levy the same criticism upon an advisor that failed to dedicate themselves to crypto adoption, let alone, mastery. An RIA Constant: you do not have the time to do crypto right, and if you do, then you are not doing right by your clients. How could an advisor possibly justify spending 50, 60, 70 percent of their time…indeed, all of their time, to try and master crypto when the vast majority of clients should only have a small fraction of their overall portfolio in these new asset classes? You cannot and you should not.

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