The Rubicon Approach, Part I: Foundation & Philosophy

Allow me to share with you more about the investment philosophy, values and foundational partners that are behind the Rubicon Crypto suite of portfolios. It begins with our belief in the notion that no one, no one has the market cornered on bright ideas, especially in the traditional and digital investment community. Aligning with the best and brightest in the industry will always be a point of emphasis within our culture, and this was never more prominently evidenced than in our selection of the primary custodian and exchange partner for our firm.

What's in an Exchange? Compliance & Due Diligence

After performing our due diligence, we made the decision to leverage the custodial and exchange services of Gemini. Gemini is one of the most established, well regarded and respected names in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space. Actually, one of the very specific reasons we chose Gemini was a shared ethos we both had with respect to navigating this new and emerging industry: seeking permission rather than forgiveness. What exactly do I mean by that? When so many other brands in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space were, shall we say, taking poetic license and not necessarily engaging hand-in-hand with the regulatory community at their formation, we appreciated Gemini's decision from the onset to structure their company as a trust company in New York, one of the most highly regulated states in the nation. In doing so, it essentially mandated that Gemini would have routine dialogue and a formal process with the regulatory bodies. And, in turn, it also gave us the confidence that they were approaching this developing industry with the strategic aforethought and an understanding that regulation and compliance needed to be at the core of their DNA, just as it is in the core of our own DNA. We also came to appreciate the rigorous process which Gemini uses to determine whether or not they were going to list a cryptocurrency on their exchange. As you know by now, there are literally thousands of them in the digital universe with more coming to market almost every day. Simply put, they have and remain very selective in adding different cryptocurrencies onto their exchange. This is something that we felt very, very comfortable with and appreciated. With the foundational level of due diligence being done by Gemini at the exchange level, we are able to focus and apply our own proprietary research and investment management approach to portfolio composition.

Proprietary Research, Active Professional Management, Common Sense

At Rubicon Crypto, we believe that having a diversified portfolio comprised of not just the foundational peer-to-peer currencies like Bitcoin and Ether but one that also has exposure to emerging blockchains, alt-coins and other growing segments of the industry such as DeFi, is the soundest approach for the long-term investors. At Rubicon Crypto, we believe that our proprietary investment approach will identify investment opportunities for promising use cases and innovations from all corners of the digital universe that will benefit our investor community. Now, from our Department of Redundancy Department, these assets are appropriate for investors with a high tolerance for risk and not for conservative investors who have previously maintained a low risk tolerance with their more traditional asset holdings. While we are confident in the long-term potential of our proprietary portfolios and investment approach, at Rubicon Crypto we want to make sure that investors always have the right overall expectations. Investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets requires a much higher tolerance for risk and extreme daily volatility, and, as such, the themes of limiting your total asset allocation and having a willingness to commit to a truly long-term investment time horizon are even more vital.

Remember whether or not you're crossing the digital divide with Rubicon Crypto…do so with common sense and with rational exuberance.