Why become the expert in cryptocurrency when you can outsource to one of the leading SMA managers in the country?

This allows you to spend your time and energy gathering more assets while we help you and your clients cross the digital divide.

Cryptocurrency solutions for your unique advisory business needs

We focus on helping wealth managers and advisors grow their AUM and differentiate by providing simple solutions and access to the most unique asset class to hit the markets in over a century.

Customized Turn-Key Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Easy Online Client Account Access

Integration into Asset Management Reporting Systems

Seamless Billing and Payments to You the Advisor

How Rubicon Crypto Can Help

Gather more assets
Acquire new clients
Distance your practice from the competition

How Rubicon Can Help

The Advisor's Dilemma

Rubicon Co-Founder and CEO, Greg Johnson, makes the overwhelming case that there now exists an unprecedented RIA Crypto Dilemma. A widescale, growing and largely invisible disruption facing the industry that directly threatens the business you have worked so hard to build. Rubicon Crypto is an answer to this threat that empowers advisors to Gather more assets, Acquire new clients and Distance your practice from the competition.

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